With the inevitable success of previous Co-op pop-ups, Rapid Retail introduces the latest addition.

For a number of years, Rapid Retail has provided logistic & management services for the deployment of hydraulic trailers, specifically designed to be utilised as Co-op temporary shops. These trailer-shops are deployed across the country when Co-op supermarkets are closed due to refurbishment, break-ins etc.

Although not produced by Rapid Retail, these temporary solutions have provided a decent go-to for emergencies when local stores cannot operate as normal. They offer an alternative where shoppers can walk up to the service window and list off the items they want before paying as normal. What Rapid Retail has done is built upon the concept to develop something that is not only more functional and accessible for staff and customers alike; but of greater aesthetic appeal.

Rapid Retail’s portable retail shops are true to their name – portable retail shops; purpose-built shopping environments designed to mirror a supermarket, in a compact and portable form. All essentials are maintained, such as ambient and chilled shelving; cash safes and CCTV/alarm systems among other things.

Compared to their trailer counterpart, these shops are fitted with vital accessibility features including access ramps; providing disabled customers with the means to enter their local shop as usual. This among other things is vitally important for supermarket chains, in order to maintain rapport with their regular customers. These key features prove a huge difference between the out-dated trailer solutions and the purpose-built shops from Rapid Retail, as shown by Co-op’s choice to invest in the production of further solutions.

The latest to be deployed is a 9m x 2.9m store, providing sufficient internal space for shelving and cash/security desks, leaving ample space for customers to browse. Fitted with air-conditioning and heating facilities, customers can expect their shopping experience to feel like it would in their every-day supermarket – which, next to revenue, is the top priority of chain supermarkets when their stores are closed.

For more information about our range of portable retail shops, contact us on +44 (0)1386 555044 or email sales@rapidretail.co.uk