Taking a look at some of the exciting match-ups taking place over the bank holiday weekend.

With the bank holiday weekend imminent, sports fans across Europe are preparing for what they hope will be a thrilling weekend of action packed match-ups across football, rugby, cricket and more. Today, we’re taking a closer look at what’s to come and showcasing some of our work for our prestigious clients involved in this weekend’s events.

Beginning with the football, this weekend’s fixtures include: Cardiff vs Crystal Palace, Man City vs Leicester, Newcastle vs Liverpool, Everton vs Burnley, Bournemouth vs Tottenham and Chelsea vs Watford.

Looking ahead to Monday – a huge match for City as they look to maintain their 1-point lead over Liverpool and keep their title winning dreams alive; still holding onto the potential of the double with their FA Cup final clash against Watford fast approaching. If they can manage it, the City shirts will be flying out of their various RR shops!

In the red corner, all eyes on Liverpool looking to knock City off the top spot and take their first Premier League title in almost 30 years. A strong performance against Newcastle will keep them in the running, but will it be enough?

Head down the road at Goodison Park, where Everton play host to Burnley later this evening where they look to take all the points and keep themselves above 10th placed Watford. Separated only by goals as it stands with both teams on an even 50 points. If you happen to be going along, keep your eyes peeled for Rapid Retail’s merchandising and shirt printing outlets!

Down South but equally blue, a London derby takes place at The Bridge where Chelsea look to sneak into the top 3 and keep themselves atop fellow London side Arsenal – who have shown poor form in recent weeks and potentially squandered their chances at a top 3 finish.

Over to the rugby and we have Saints going up against the Warriors – both utilising Rapid Retail solutions, so you can expect plenty of merchandise to be sold on the day! Let’s hope the Warriors can overcome their previous defeat and bring their A-game to Northampton this time around.

Saracens play host to Exeter Chiefs in the Prem – we can’t tell you who will come out on top, but Saracens fans will certainly appreciate Rapid Retail’s twin gin bar and club shop, win or lose!

With all these fantastic spectacles taking place, there’s no doubt we’re all set to enjoy an exciting weekend of sport. But don’t forget to pick up your club’s shirt on the way out!

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