bespoke catering kiosk for wcpc

CASE STUDY: A fully branded and bespoke catering kiosk for a high street food chain

West Cornwall Pasty Co (WCPC) is a high street catering chain specialising in pasties (what else?) as well as breakfasts, hot snacks and drinks. Voted by experts and consumers as ‘One of the UK’s Strongest Brands’, the company is definitely a brand on the up!

With a focus to expand their ever growing demographic, the company commissioned Rapid Retail to build and manufacture a bespoke catering kiosk. The catering kiosk was to be installed on Platform 3 at Preston Railway station.


At an initial meeting to establish a brief, WCPC presented its concept images along with the proposed dimensions of the envisioned kiosk.

Following a site visit, which highlighted limited access to the station’s platform, Rapid Retail proposed the use of a kiosk from its flat-pack construction range for this project.  The kiosk could therefore be built and constructed on site.


We liaised with WCPC to confirm the overall look of the catering kiosk, confirming that its design and architectural features should match the appearance of the company’s existing concessions.

Once the initial technical drawings were approved, the final drawings were created and the catering kiosk was placed into production.


Rapid Retail delivered WCPC vision of the catering kiosk using a combination of polycarbonate panels and natural materials. Together these were used effectively to emulate the company shops’ rustic and friendly façade. Wood panelling, wooden crates, baskets and soft lighting all highlighted the kiosk’s stylish and welcoming ambiance.

This project demonstrates that, even when working with one of our standard products, our customers can still benefit from a creative and bespoke solution. And, as well as offering retail and merchandising applications, we tailor our solutions to clients’ exact needs and for a wide range of functionalities.


Watch the video of the kiosk’s installation here

 Take a look at Rapid Retail’s catering units and kiosks



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