With the increasing demand for easy-access betting stations at racecourses up and down the country, Chepstow becomes home to the latest creation from Rapid Retail.

Working with a number of huge names in terms of racecourses and sports betting companies over the years, Rapid Retail has surely perfected the craft of portable betting kiosks and shops. For example; over at Cheltenham, there are currently several kiosks of varying sizes situated across the ground. At Newbury, many more of these same solutions can be found, with a different aesthetic to suit that of the course, using a wood cladded finish to enhance the overall look.

Chepstow becomes home to its first Rapid Retail solution, supplied to our client Britbet to create additional space for visitors to place bets, without needing to venture the grounds. In turn, generating greater revenue through pool betting.

There are several advantages that come with utilising RR kiosks for betting. The first being the coverage of high-footfall areas; the ability to deploy these solutions in areas where a number of people will be passing by throughout the day generates more custom and brings in punters that may have otherwise just been passers-by.

The accessibility of these solutions and the frequency of their positioning allows for full coverage and maximum revenue capacity for the racecourse or organisation. Another key feature with these solutions is their customisability. By taking advantage of Rapid Retail’s customisation options, you can create a true reflection of your brand with all the practicalities. Vinyl and clad finishes allow for a real visual spectacle, while utilities including display screens and data connectivity increase functionality of the product.

Rapid Retail betting kiosks and shops can be found at racecourses all over the UK and Ireland. If you’re looking to enhance your raceday experience, contact us on +44 (0)1386 555044 or email sales@rapidretail.co.uk to discover more.