A pair of brightly coloured tangerine solutions arrive at Blackpool Football Club to catch eyes and capture revenue.

With fierce competition and a flurry of heavy hitters competing in Football League One this season, Blackpool currently sit in 9th place with 22 points – Sunderland, Doncaster and Bristol Rovers have also all accumulated the same amount of points, only separated by goal difference.

Ipswich Town lead the way with 30 points in total, with Wycombe hot on their tails with equal points. With a mere 8 points difference between the top spot and 10th place, all is still to play for with over half of their matches yet to be played.

Blackpool recruit Rapid Retail as a means of not only enhancing revenue opportunity with additional outlets for merchandising and ticketing but providing fans with ease-of-access to official club gear and matchday tickets.

By improving on such facilities across the ground, Blackpool are catering to the fans who would rather be relaxing in the fan area with a beer than spending hours in queues for merchandising. How much time is spent waiting in day-to-day life? The goal of Rapid Retail is just what it says on the tin – make retailing a more efficient and painless experience.

With a wide range of merchandising solutions to choose from, several questions must be asked to our clients to narrow the search and provide the most suitable option for their requirement. Blackpool’s need was for something mobile, that can be deployed with ease to indoor concourse areas and offer a pop-up outlet in otherwise unused high-footfall space.

Ticketing is always a manic experience on high-attendance matchdays, with thousands of fans piling in before kick-off to collect tickets from maybe one or two outlets. Our ticket kiosks provide the ultimate solution to this, offering a lightweight and secure pod for staff to sell tickets in numerous locations across the ground. Their cost-effective polycarbonate construction allows for investment in multiple kiosks to cover a more significant footprint.

Rapid Retail’s wide range of practical products presents a plethora of real-life solutions to real-life problems for sports venues, stadia, event organisers, retailers, visitor attractions and more. If you’d like to find out more about our broad spectrum of shops, kiosks and displays, contact us on +44 (0)1386 555044 or email sales@rapidretail.co.uk