Rapid Retail’s solutions are certainly not exclusive to the top tier clubs, as proven by The Wood this week

A new shop has been deployed to Meadow Park, to be utilised by both Boreham Wood FC and Arsenal Women’s FC during their home games at the ground. With a solution as large as this one, it could easily be split down the middle and used to distribute the merchandise of both teams on a match day.

The solution in question is 9m x 3m, with key features including its dual canopies offering 2 separate serving areas along with additional service windows on the side face offering an additional point of sale for programmes, shirt printing etc.

The advantages of a solution like this are numerous, with the most obvious being the enhanced revenue opportunity. It may go without saying, but more outlets = more sales. Positioning these solutions in high-footfall areas allows for passing fans to be drawn into impulse buys – not to mention the lessened queue times.

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