Lightweight and manoeuvrable; secure and robust. Rapid Retail kiosks prove a flexible alternative to permanent retail structures.

For those responsible for commercial sales, whether at a visitor attraction or elsewhere, the ability to implement additional points of sale will always be appealing. Covering high-footfall areas and allowing for capture of maximum traffic will in turn create greater revenue opportunity.

Many venues however have many factors to consider and creating additional retail space many not always be possible. Where will it be located? Will it restrict access? How will it blend in with the rest of the venue and its existing merchandising outlets?

Creating a flexible and portable retail solution for this requirement was the aim when Rapid Retail began creating its range of ‘guerrilla retail’ products – rapidly deployed into compact spaces to maximise sales, before retreating to storage.

So, how are they moved? The kiosks are fitted with forklift slots as standard and can be lifted by both forklift and pallet truck, allowing for ease of movement requiring only one person. Once closed, merchandise can be stored inside while moving the kiosk, allowing for instant retailing once in place.

Slat wall panels fill the internal walls providing ample display of goods to be browsed, with custom colours and inserts to match with external branding. Vinyl graphics and custom RAL specific paint are used to provide an external finish that is eye-catching and on-brand.

The retail team at Butlin’s utilised 2 kiosks to provide a selection of merchandise and activities for children, ranging from face painting to hair braiding. With the addition of branded external counters, an extended area is created allowing for optimal use of space.

Paul Widgery, Head of Retail Leisure & Shops  for Butlin’s Minehead said: “Situated centrally in the Skyline Pavilion (the large white marquee-esque structure linking three buildings) the Cubes were set as two shops selling helium Balloons, Light-up Flashing toys, Plush and Make Up accessories.

The lighting was great and showed- the products well, as the Skyline does get quite dark in the Winter.

The internal wall and floor were perfect and allowed us to merchandise the Cubes very well. Visually they were very impactful for our guest to understand what the offer was, as previously it wasn’t clear.

  • Sales growth of 23.1K vs 2018 (12K) from October to December
  • SPH was 58p positive by 11p to projection from October to December

With such great feedback and the number to prove their worth, we foresee many visitor attractions looking to take advantage of guerrilla merchandising from Rapid Retail. If you’d like to find out more, contact us on +44 (0)1386 555044 or email