Founded 18 years ago by brothers Mohsin & Zuber Issa, Euro Garages are now the fastest growing independent petrol station chain in the UK. Boasting a portfolio of 341 sites, Euro Garages are also one of the most recognisable brands in forecourt operations.

From KFC to Starbucks, Euro Garages are partnered with some of world’s  biggest brands. Included in this list is the UK’s largest chain bakery- Greggs. As one the Britain’s best loved delicatessen, Gregg’s reportedly sells over 1.5 million sausage rolls per week.

Currently there are 104 Euro Garages – Greggs outlets, however with demand for retail offerings at petrol sites increasing, Euro Garages have looked to utilize the specialist experience of Rapid Retail. In Feb 2019, Rapid Retail delivered the first bespoke Greggs outlet for a Euro Garages site located in Kimmel Bay, North Wales

Fashioned from two 12mx 3m steel units, our Greggs modular retail outlet is a perfect example of what we can produce on a large scale. Let’s begin with the exterior – Visually this unit does not differ from what you see on the high street, from bespoke signage to custom paint work, this unit is instantly recognisable by any member of the public. In terms of the design we wanted to encompass light and space into this build, which was achieved via the bespoke glass work presented near the entrance. In terms of the interior – Rapid Retails innovative storage solutions effectively makes use of the limited internal space. The features of this unit include:  Wood effect Non-Slip Vinyl Floor, Wall Mounted Displays & Built-in Refrigeration.

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