Have you been on the hunt for the ultimate event merchandising solution? Are you in need of a whopping 30 square meters of internal space? Do you plan on catering for the worlds largest events? Well look no further, as Rapid Retail brings you: The Event Superstore.

The Event Superstore is something RR has been looking to bring to life for a long while now. With pop-up shops in high demand at events and festivals across the world, there comes a need for something bigger, better and unmissable. That’s where Rapid Retail comes in.

This particular unit comprises of:

  • One enormous fold-up header with a width of around 12m, standing at around 2m tall. With custom logos, colours and branding it’d be nigh on impossible for any passer-by to miss.
  • High level internal display for merchandise with storage lockers tucked away neatly behind for easy display and discrete storage.
  • Central slat wall display with large storage room behind.
  • On board generator with dedicated space for storage plenty of power to run all the stores electricals.
  • Small office area with space for a desk.
  • Canopied front serving area offering both protection from the elements for customers a closable serving area.
  • High quality audio system with speakers throughout.
  • Adjustable compact energy efficient LED spotlights.
  • Glass front counter with glass top display case and storage underneath.
  • Non-slip vinyl flooring

And if that’s not enough to sell it, take a look at our design below:


The Event Superstore boasts itself as one of the largest shops available for rental from Rapid Retail. It is the first of 4 shops to be deployed across Europe, available for short term rental. With the enormous header folded up it doubles as a billboard display to advertise your brand, undoubtedly bringing in additional sales. Custom flags are also raised either side, just in case the header wasn’t enough. Display boards either side of the serving area offer an additional section which could be used for information/pricing as an alternative to branding.

So, what events would this store be suitable for? It goes without saying that this store is far from the standard shop and only the biggest events can justify it – let alone offer the space! That means if you want to see it in action, you might just have to grab some tickets to a final of some sort. Not that you needed an excuse!

Until The Event Superstore makes it’s official debut, keep an eye out on the RR website for any news and updates. If you’d like to find out more details, please give us a call on +44 (0) 1386 555044 or email sales@rapidretail.co.uk