Football Stadium Shops

Rapid Retail is well-known for its football stadium shops. Our fully branded portable merchandise stores, retail display units, programme kiosks, mobile ticket offices and catering and bar concessions can be seen at many high profile, as well as lesser-known, clubs throughout Europe and the UK.

Today, on National Poetry Day, we thought we’d take a ‘poetic’ look at our sales pitch and create a light-hearted poem which captures the essence of what it is we do. Here it is, hope you enjoy:

From large stadium merchandise stores

To smaller display and retail stands

Rapid Retail’s job is to manufacture units

To entice and engage teams’ fans


 Whether you’re a Champions League club

Or find yourself in a lower league

Our fully-branded portable shops

Are always on hand to create some intrigue


 With an expert team, specialists in their field

From planning, design, build and execution

Why not give us a call and let us devise for you

An innovative and highly effective retail solution?


Find out more about Rapid Retail’s Portable Stadium Sports Shops

Take a look at our gallery of football stadium shop photographs

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