GNCH ambassador and Durham County Cricket club pace bowler Chris Rushworth attends the grand opening of new Rapid Retail merchandise shop.

With the primary focus of Rapid Retail’s solutions being aimed towards the sporting industry, it’s always pleasant to receive an enquiry that is slightly different from the norm. When the call came in from Great North Children’s Hospital explaining their requirement for a merchandising solution, we we’re delighted to be able to assist.

Provided with the trademark GNCH mascot graphics, we set to work on designing something bright, colourful and fun, to fit in with the theme and look great to kids and grown-ups alike.

A grand opening was held earlier this week with special guest and proud GNCH ambassador Chris Rushworth – pace bowler for Durham County Cricket Club. When interviewed by Great North, he said “I’m a dad myself with two young kids so it’s an honour to be involved with the Great North Children’s Hospital.”

“To see the phenomenal work the staff do here, and all the big smiles on children’s faces as they go by, no matter what they are going through, is just amazing. I hope the new shop helps to raise lots of money to help make their experience in hospital even better.”

Julie Anderson, Research and Innovations Manager added: “We were delighted to invite Chris to officially unveil our pop-up shop and are really excited to have him as our ambassador. He is so supportive of everything we do here, so we’re delighted that he has chosen to support the GNCH Foundation during his testimonial and look forward to seeing all the fantastic events planned throughout the year.”

With great reviews all round, Rapid Retail are proud to have provided something that truly has a positive effect in an environment where positivity is most needed. We’d like to show our appreciation for all the staff, volunteers and ambassadors like Chris for all their hard work and contributions made daily for the health and wellbeing of the children at Great North Children’s Hospital.