If you’re thinking of going into pop-up retail, the sales team you’re thinking of using in your pop-up unit will certainly benefit from some excellent training. With the right guidance they will acquire the necessary skills to help your business attract customers, communicate the right message and maximise sales. Together with an eye-catching set-up, a powerful workforce can attract passers-by and take your business on the road to success. There is plenty of retail training advice available online, but here are a few of the best tips.

Essential Pop-Up Unit Sales Tips:

  • Choose the Best Staff. Obvious, but essential, do take your best sellers on location to your pop-up unit. If you’re hiring new staff look out for the right people, those who are charming, outgoing and able to perform well in face to face selling environments. Make sure you check their experience/references carefully and use your best judgement during the hiring process. Don’t ignore your instinct, your gut feeling, as potential customers are likely to form the same first impression.
  • Product training. Make sure each team member is completely up to date regarding information about products, services, and, ideally, about your business as a whole. They need to have all the latest info and data, ready to answer any questions your potential customers might have.
  • Sales Environment. Giving your sales team a fitting sales environment will almost certainly increase their productivity. A well-laid out pop-up unit is ideal. Make sure you offer a comfortable space for your team to work in as well as plenty of room for your products and marketing materials.
  • Uniform. Identifying sales staff in a busy shop is not always easy. Providing your staff with a uniform is an idea well worth considering and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Using team t-shirts, tabards, hats or other publicity items will offer your business a highly visual and cost-effective advertising benefit and will ensure your team comes across as a cohesive workforce.
  • Promotional Staff and Materials. You may also want to consider using additional promotional staff to hand out samples or promotional materials to passers-by. Pop-up units are generally easy to transport and simple to install. And, when positioned in high footfall locations, they are great for reaching new audiences. Other profile-raising opportunities include loyalty cards, PR materials, competition entry forms and online promotional codes.
  • Autonomy. Give your sales team some room to breathe. Trust your staff to make the correct decisions based on the situations they find themselves in. Show them you have confidence in their ability to make the right choices and, in return, you will be rewarded with their loyalty and dedication.

Rapid Retail is a well known portable pop-up shop supplier to many retail brands, sports stadiums and events. From small portable buildings to larger retail pods, each unit is unique in design and can be painted and branded to great visual effect. For further information, call us on +44 (0)1386 555044 or take a look at our pop-up shop photo gallery.


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