If you want to maximise your on site sales, but you have limited budget and space available, then a small visual merchandising unit could be the answer.

The units available to rent or buy from Rapid Retail have a steel construction, meaning they are robust and sturdy, yet lightweight and easy to manoeuvre – so they can easily be moved to different locations, to find the optimal spot. Each unit can be fully branded and decorated on all sides, creating a highly professional and eye-catching retail point, which grabs the attention of passing football, while taking up minimal floor space.

Small visual merchandising units – top sellers

  Rapid Retail Small merchandising unit   Rapid Retail large wardrobe unit

These types of units are popular with a broad range of venues and businesses – from visitor attractions and theme parks, to sports stadiums and retailers. Most commonly they are used within high footfall areas – such as concourses, atriums and walkways – to capitalise on every opportunity to grab sales from passers-by.

They are lockable, fitted with heavy duty castors and brakes, and feature a foldable advertisement header so they can fit through most doorways with ease.

Key benefits:

  • Low cost
  • Space saving
  • Visually attractive
  • Robust
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to move

Examples of small visual merchandising units in action:

Football / Rugby Clubs

Rapid Retail - Arsenal FC - Portable Merchandise Unit  Bradford City FC merchandise display unit Merchandise display unit AFC Bournemouth

Cricket clubs

  Lancashire Cricket merchandise display unit

Visitor attractions/ theme parks

  Marwell Zoo wardrobe unit

Want more details?

The Rapid Retail team is proud to work with some of Europe’s top sporting venues and visitor attractions, including: Chester Zoo, Manchester City, Saracens, The Oval, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Newbury Racecourse. For over a decade, we have supported our customers with the design, build and installation of innovative retail solutions. Our cost-effective units enable them to generate the maximum sales revenue, while enhancing the experience of visitors. Our projects range from supplying small retail units to non-league clubs, to working with international sports teams to create large fan zones or bespoke shop units.

For more ideas, information or a quote, please call us on +44 (0)1386 555044 or email admin@rapidretail.co.uk

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