Merchandise Retail Units – Portable Shops for Stadiums

FC-Barcelona-Retail-Units--300x225With sporting events, no matter how big a stadium or venue, nor the type of sport, more than 40% of match-day visitors arrives within 20 to 30 minutes of KO. In this short time frame, most people are keen to take away a memento or souvenir of the occasion. It is most important, therefore, that facilities exist at these venues which cater for the needs of fans in a quick and easy manner, so that sales do not get lost. Fans’ event experiences have often consisted of long waiting lines, cramped conditions and an inaccessibility to particular areas before they take to their seats. This is often heightened in stadiums where retail staff in the club shop are particularly busy trying to deal with the huge crowds coming through their doors in a very small space of time.

Progressive stadiums and clubs are increasingly appreciating the benefits of using portable retail space around their grounds. Placing additional retail or catering outlets strategically around venues, not only drives revenue and maximises purchase opportunities, it also greatly improves fans’ buying experiences by minimising their queuing times and increasing their accessibility to club shirts, merchandise or any catering produce on offer.

Modular merchandise retail units are perfect for this purpose. They help take the pressure of busy club shops, bars and restaurants and add value to their visitors’ experiences. Available in a variety of sizes, modular retail units can be customised and branded to a club’s specific needs and are ideal for use in ‘fan zone’ areas. Adaptable and versatile, additional retail space allows any venue to boost the experience of their fans by giving them better access to retail areas, reducing their time spent in queues and offering them an enhanced and user-friendly shopping experience.

Merchandise Retail Units – As Versatile as they are Flexible

Leicester-City-merchandise-unit-300x199Rapid Retail’s units have been taken up by many Premier and Championship League football and rugby clubs, cricket clubs and racecourses, both at home and abroad, where they are most frequently used as extra merchandise retail units or programme kiosks. They are also increasingly being utilised as catering units, offices, shirt printing units, information booths and ticket collection huts, helping to provide greater, and more accessible, facilities for sports fans visiting the ground.

Whether for larger, well-known, clubs or for those clubs where budgets are more modest, the central aim of any venue is to drive revenue maximisation. With this in mind, the rental schemes Rapid Retail offers, known as ‘pay as you play’, have proved very popular across the sporting arena world. With no upfront costs, a club can rent a small, fully branded unit from no more than £30 per home match – a self-funding and cost-effective way to gain additional retail space.

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