The first installment of our ‘Keeping up with…’ series. Kicking off with Everton after a trip to Goodison Park.

As with every top Premier League club, fans expect to see their team take home 3 points most weeks. The atmosphere can easily be soured when these teams fail to perform. With Everton now sitting just a point below Arsenal in 6th place, every point becomes crucial when it comes to finishing in the top 4.

Fortunately for the Toffees and their fans, Gylfi Sigurdsson came through with a late goal to establish a lead and ultimately a victory against Cardiff on Saturday.

With only 11 minutes remaining of regulation time, some might say Everton were cutting it close. But with such a large percentage of goals in the Premier League being scored in the last 15 minutes, it makes you look more at the game and the way its played, rather than the individual teams. In order to control a game in the premier league, it takes a real dominant presence on the field. Watching a team as intimidating as Manchester City when they’re on the ball, you can clearly see the energy of the opposition depleting due to their consistency in passing and movement.

But not all teams have a starting 11 as impressive on paper as City’s and teams must be built over time. Marco Silva made multiple improvements to his squad over the summer including the acquisition of 3 players from Barcelona in Mina, Gomez and Digne; looking to compete with other top tier clubs. This additional depth only took them so far on Saturday. With numerous chances and a large percentage of the possession, they still struggled to break through in the final third against a well composed Cardiff back 4.

Although they did in fact manage to penetrate the defence to take home all 3 points, giving the home fans just what they wanted – a reason to celebrate. With spirits high fans left the ground with smiles on their faces and throats soar, ready to spend on club apparel and goodies. With RR units supplied for our client Fanatics situated at both the entrance to the stadium and beside the main club shop, fans had plenty of opportunity to get themselves geared up for the next match.

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