Throughout the summer; up and down the country there are thousands of festivals and events taking place that require proper planning in order to capture maximum revenue

What are the keys to succeeding in terms of enhancing revenue opportunity at large scale events?

Maximising footprint

Maybe one of the more blatant ones on the list; more outlets translate to more sales. Whether it be food & beverage or merchandise, covering more ground is going to cater to the convenience factor for visitors. Many aren’t looking to venture across the venue to browse the various options of food or merchandise. Providing numerous outlets in a variety of areas clearly enhances your opportunity for sales – we call it, the ‘franchise effect’.

Utilise rental opportunities

A major cost saving can be found in taking advantage of short-term rental, offered by Rapid Retail among others. Our cost-effective rental plans prevent the need for capital expenditure, which can offer a huge opportunity for start-ups and other organisations looking the test the water before investing large sums. Rapid Retail solutions can be found at events all over the UK including the 2019 Netball World Cup and International Cricket Conference.

Standing out

Although you may be competing against others with numerous outlets, you can still utilise aesthetics as a method of drawing in customers. Using custom paintwork, vinyl livery, feather flags and signage; you can create an eye-catching advertisement for your product from the outlet itself. Rapid Retail provides all the customisation aspects you may require, so you can leave the work to us.

‘Take the weight off’

As experts in event retailing, we know the ins and outs of event merchandising – and we know what you as the customer need. You don’t want to worry about every aspect of planning for your contribution to an event – you want to focus on the important things. Rapid Retail offers a full turnkey service, from design to dispatch – we’ve got it covered. Let us manage your workload and make things simple.

Overall, one thing is certain when it comes to event merchandising – you can rely on Rapid Retail to assist you every step of the way, to ensure a successful event and maximum revenue capacity. If you’re part of an event coming up and would like to discuss our solutions, contact us today on +44 (0)1386 555044 or email