Reebok Spartan Race Unit takes pride of place at Fitness Events

As the UK’s fitness industry continues to grow, Rapid Retail is leading the field in retail brand shops, once again, by providing a Reebok Spartan Race Unit for one of the most popular, and gruelling, sports participation events.

The Spartan Race, voted Outside Magazine’s Best Obstacle Race two years ago, is the first event of its kind to have global rankings, and has attracted more than a million competitors in nine countries worldwide.

Rapid Retail’s successful involvement in the Reebok Crossfit Games led to the sports giant again choosing the UK’s leading retail unit supplier as their partner to supply sales facilities at the event. The Reebok event retail unit attracted many competitors, all eager to see the latest offerings for Les Mills and Crossfit followers. Just four weeks saw the bespoke unit progress from basic plan to built, fitted-out and fully finished, ready for Reebok sales staff to move in.

The success of the Spartan and Crossfit events is a reflection of the fitness industry’s continued boom: it now accounts for more than £4 billion of the UK’s economy. High-impact fitness events is the latest arena into which Rapid Retail has moved, on the heels of other mainstream sports such as football, cricket and rugby.

Rapid Retail Operations Director, Andy Moss, said: “The Spartan Events marked another step in our push to supply our products throughout the world of sport. These events are immensely popular and the retail unit played a key part as competitors dramatically crossed the finishing line”.

Many competitors follow the Les Mills and Crossfit fitness regimes, both aimed at improving core strength and muscle tone. CrossFit is designed around high-intensity, full functional movement. It is very strength-based and easy to pick up, as it caters for everyone. Les Mills also caters for beginners really well, with shorter ranges of movement. The two are often taught by the same trainers, and are ideally suited to all-round fitness competition.



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