Rapid Retail has, for many years, supplied mobile kiosks to football clubs, stadia and sporting arenas as a way of enhancing the experience and well-being of fans. With an increasing number of sports venues now being used for a wide range of activities, from large events and concerts to political gatherings and theatre productions, stadia managers have to think outside the box to ensure they deliver the best experience to a diverse range of fans and spectators. All this, whilst developing broader revenue opportunities for, and increased services at, their venue.

The use of mobile kiosks, strategically positioned in key locations, is an excellent way to ensure visitors are given the attention they need.  Available in a range of sizes, kiosks are an ideal, low cost and highly effective way to increase retail footprint, whilst enhancing the ‘fan experience’. They can be designed to reinforce a venue’s brand, can be positioned in areas where customer flow is optimised and can be relocated effortlessly to maximise the space available.

With more and more sports stadia now capitalising on the advantages of using mobile kiosks to expand their facilities, we’re taking a look at the many benefits they offer. The functionalities are endless. Here are just a few, as used by our venue clients:

Mobile Kiosks and their uses

  • Programme Booths: Suitable for all league clubs and sports venues. Fully branded programme booths are available to rent for a season from just £30 per match day. A self-funding, ‘no-brainer’, retail solution for many clubs.
  • Information Kiosks: Smaller kiosks placed at the entrances of stadiums are ideal as information points and welcome centres. They offer spectators essential service-points in key locations.
  • Merchandise and Retail Kiosks: Creating additional points of sale with multiple portable merchandise or retail kiosks can ease pressure off existing stadia shops. Queues are reduced, customer service is improved and revenue opportunities are maximised. Available in ‘walk-up-to’ or ‘walk-in-to’ configurations.
  • Ticket booths and Ticket Collection Offices: Additional ticket booths, or ticket collection offices, prevent the build-up of long lines. Help relieve the frustration for spectators by positioning them at stadium entrances.
  • Betting Shops: No sporting event is complete without a last minute flutter. What better way to ensure no opportunities are lost with a dedicated on-site betting kiosk?
  • Food and Beverage Units: From large bar units to smaller catering units, the interior of kiosks can be converted easily to allow for a whole host of catering equipment. By increasing a venue’s catering operation, queues are reduced, relieving the pressure of food and beverage operators. This allows them more time to serve better quality food and drink to the fans and spectators.
  • Dedicated Service Outlets: Using kiosks as dedicated service outlets, such as shirt printing or player/celebrity signings for example, can be a great way to isolate and advertise an in-demand service or one-off event.
  • Temporary Offices: When space is limited and additional administrative offices or media centres are required, large kiosks present the perfect temporary office environment.
  • Incident or Emergency Centres: Creating visible and easy-to-access Incident and Emergency centres at large scale events ensures the safety and well-being of fans and spectators.

Stadia are ever-increasing in capacity, so the need for stadia managers to become even more flexible and forward-thinking is key. Mobile kiosks offer facility operators a perfect solution to deal with increased demand, whether on a temporary or more permanent basis. They are a cost effective way to improve services, create additional facilities and enhance their fans’ and spectators’ experience.

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