More and more large retailers and supermarket chains are now looking at modular as the way to go

With the advancements of modular allowing for much larger scale, all-encompassing solutions; retailers are choosing modular construction over traditional build methods for more than just temporary or portable solutions. The ease and speed of construction is another key factor that lures people away from a long-winded brick & cement build. The advantages of modular are numerous, and people clearly appear to be catching on.

Fast production

Perhaps the deciding factor for a lot of projects that require delivery in a short space of time, the efficiency to produce and install a modular retail environment allows for short- and long-term ventures to be at maximum speed from the word go. This highly competitive retail environment drives brands, chains and retailers to do more – and do it fast. Modular construction is the key in this scenario.


It is easy to be held back in new ventures by budget, which in a lot of cases can have a negative effect on the project before it has even begun. ‘This is turning out to cost a lot more than anticipated’… The various costs involved with traditional construction – from initial planning down to the finishing touches – quickly begin to amount to a hefty sum. Utilising modular construction allows for a more cost-effective and manageable option for start-ups or big names, minimizing expenses to maximise earnings.



Brickwork is outdated – there’s a new trend when it comes to the look of your retail environment. With sleek powder coat finishes and easily applied livery, putting your brand in the spotlight has never been simpler. The freedom of design with modular is a huge factor. By utilising a variety of consumer entrances, vinyl flooring, windows and lighting; the environment can be tailored to your exact requirements with ease.

Secure & robust

When dealing with high value products and cash, security become the utmost priority. A common misconception with modular builds is that they are far easier to penetrate than brick and cement. For the most part, this isn’t necessarily the case. Modular builds are strong and durable; built to last long-term and for the secure from break-ins. There are extra measures that can easily be taken with modular builds to ensure their protection, such as security roller shutters or steel doors for any glass entry points and CCTV can be easily fitted and monitored internally or externally.

We are merely scratching the surface of the advantages within this article; however, the points should still resonate with those debating if modular construction is the way to go. If you’re looking to go down the modular route, contact us today on +44 (0)1386 555044 or email to get started.