Enhancing the world of modular retail for over a decade



Looking to create a large-scale shop environment, without the capital expenditure and lengthy build process? Look no further than Rapid Retail’s modular shop units, bespoke and fully customisable to ensure maximum functionality and brand awareness.



For a number of years, Rapid Retail has served the Co-op with modular convenience stores and logistics services to utilise during refurbishments and unexpected store closures. With a wealth of knowledge and experience at our disposal, why look elsewhere for your convenience store requirement?



Having worked with some of the biggest names in food & beverage franchising, our product is expertly crafted for maximum functionality whilst maintaining aesthetic appeal. With bespoke finishing and fully customisable interiors, there’s a solution available for all requirements.




Our team of experienced sales professionals are always on hand to take your enquiry and discuss the best way of achieving your required solution, providing technical guidence and visual inspiration.



Providing a simple yet all-encompassing design process to ensure maximum funtionality through construction, and brand emphasis through external livery and signage.



Our logistics services allow for clients to relax and leave the work to us – delivering products to clients’ doorsteps and providing on-site installation as part of our turnkey package.



Issues or queries after deployment? No problem! Our after-sales team are always on-hand to assist over the phone or on-site to ensure everything is running smoothly.



For a number of years Co-op have been one Rapid Retail’s biggest and most important clients. The services provided to Co-op are mostly logistical, transporting their pop-up stores to closed shop locations as temporary replacements.

These shops are refrigerated and fully geared up to function almost as normal stores would, although due to the limited space the customer is served over the counter rather than entering to shop as normal.

Co-op walk-in portable shop

With room for several improvements, Rapid Retail was tasked with producing a new concept design for a temporary store. The main differentiating factor being that the unit would be configured to walk-in instead of walk-up.

For this to be possible the unit had to be larger, meaning less mobility. But the advantages to this style of shop are numerous in comparison to the burger-van-styled units of the past. These include:

  • Protection from the elements
  • Impulse buys
  • A more similar environment to a traditional supermarket
  • Longer term solution


Euro Garages – Greggs

EG Group has partnered with modular retail specialist Rapid Retail on the project, who designed, built and installed the bespoke shop unit in under eight weeks. It is the first time the two companies have worked together, with further installations now in the pipeline.

David Myers, UK Development Director, EG Group, commented: “We’re really pleased with the new retail unit. It looks fantastic and delivers on our commitment to providing premium retail convenience for our customers.

“Modular retail units are the perfect solution for us; they can be customised to our brand partners’ requirements allowing us to maximise the external space we have available on our sites. Fundamentally modular also enables us to minimise trading disruption. They are not only cost effective but look great and can be quickly deployed, which helps our pipeline planning across the EG Group portfolio.”


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Rapid Retail’s modular solutions, services and logistics expertise make us the supplier of choice for many venues and retailers across the UK and Europe. If you are looking to maximise your retail offering with Rapid Retail, we are here to help. For more information on how we can assist you, please contact us on +44 (0) 1386 555044, or


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