As a business, most of our competitive advantages stem from the relationships we build & maintain with the big brands. Over the past eight years we have dealt with a range of clients- from Premier League football teams to race courses and even hairdressing. However, we now believe its time to celebrate our longstanding commitments to the Co-op:

Over the past decade, we have supplied numerable Popup shops and Trailers to Co-op’s scattered across the UK. The Co-op are currently our biggest and most valued customer! However, you may be thinking, how do Rapid Retail add value? Well, here’s how it works:

High street Co-op stores often need refurbishing- this usually leads to store closures resulting in lost sales and profits. Here at Rapid Retail we offer our solution, by deploying a bespoke RR Unit outside the closed store the Co-op are able to recover those lost earnings…

Here at Rapid Retail, we offer a full unit management service including:

  • Trailer & Graphics maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Delivery
  • Collection
  • Reporting
  • Logistic Expertise

We currently operate and manage nine custom made Co-op Trailers, however recently we have introduced a new style of shop, and it’s a beauty…

Our new 7 metre Pop-up Shop allows users access into a physical store. The Walk-in feature makes all the difference, customers will now be able to pick up products and see all offers available which will result in more impulse buys. This is where RR add value to the Co-op. We have recently deployed this stunning walk-in unit to Wilford in Nottingham, take a look…

The features: Custom Graphics, Built-in refrigeration, Disabled access, Ambient shelving & innovative storage solutions for stock.

This compact mini Co-op store Is now our flagship unit as our clients prefer its internal POS and Bespoke styling. This unit really offers the full package. In result demand now exceeds supply, we are working hard to bring more walk-in temporary shops.

We strive to maintain our promise to the Co-op:

“We will guarantee that all elements of the co-ordination and operation of all programmes are managed with the Co-ops best interest at heart.”

We would like to thank the Co-op for their continual business, this past decade has been a pleasure, here’s to the long and happy relationship! Rapid Retail always supply the perfect Synergy.