Pop Up Containers: A Rapid Retail trend since 2007

Pop Up containers have, in recent years, become a huge pop up retail trend. Cool, tough, flexible, trendy, ultra-functional and highly effective, pop up containers are designed to offer companies a high impact retail marketing environment. With (almost) unlimited applications, from pop up stores, bars and cafes to experiential campaigns and product launches, it’s super easy to understand why they’re so hugely appealing!

Whilst more and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon, Rapid Retail has actually been way ahead of its rivals, having been ‘on-trend’ in portable retail for more than a decade. We may not have called it ‘cargotecture’ back then – ‘portable shops’, ‘modular shop units’ and ‘portable steel buildings’ were more the words we used (yes, we know, they do sound rather old-fashioned now!) – but pop up containers they were. Why not join us in taking a look through some of our press release extracts in the archives…

The year? 2007.

The location? Well-known stadiums and sports venues.

Pop Up Containers in 2007

Rapid Retail at Brit Oval Cricket Ground (July 2007)

Rapid Retail, the business that designs, fabricates, fits and supplies high quality retail units, has unveiled its new shops at one of the world’s most famous sporting venues.

Surrey and England cricket supporters are now able to shop, as well as spectate, in comfort when they go to matches at the Brit Oval.

The two retail units were installed in time for Surrey’s Twenty 20 matches which, apart from internationals, attract the biggest crowds of the season. The Head of Retail at the Brit Oval believes Rapid Retail made a major contribution in increasing sales by more than 10% compared to 2006, in spite of decidedly un-cricketing weather.

Football Clubs Sign Up Rapid Retail (August 2007)

While football clubs have been spending millions on new players, they have also been busy recruiting Rapid Retail. The company, only established this year, designs, constructs, supplies and fits high quality shops and kiosks, which are used to sell merchandise and programmes.  The firm has secured new deals with Premiership and Championship clubs in England and is set to announce further contracts.  In the last couple of months Rapid Retail has generated business to the value of nearly half a million pounds.

Premier League teams Aston Villa, Manchester City and West Ham have all signed up the company and Rapid Retail units are already in place at Crystal Palace in the Coca Cola Championship and Hearts in the Scottish Premier League.  An agreement with Doncaster in League One will lead to the delivery of seven shops and kiosks next month.

Rapid Retail Scores with Manchester City FC (December 2007)

Rapid Retail, the bespoke modular shop designer, is continuing its growth with the installation of more shops and kiosks at Manchester City’s football stadium. The Cheltenham-based company is playing an important role in the transformation of the club which has a new high profile owner and manager. Success on the pitch, and increased interest off it, have made City’s merchandise more popular than ever.

The club’s Head of Retail Duncan Martin said: “Demand has increased, therefore we have had to increase our retail space and Rapid Retail provides a cost-effective way of doing just that. We’ve positioned the shops and kiosks in the areas where people are coming into the stadium. In the last 20 to 30 minutes, especially, it is difficult for them to get to the main store. So even though Rapid Retail’s shops do not offer our whole merchandise range, we have been able to take our best-sellers to more fans.”

Rapid Retail Helps Rugby Fans Drown Their Sorrows (December 2007)

Rapid Retail, the supplier of portable shops and kiosks, is becoming one of the key features at some of the biggest UK sporting occasions. 

It supplied a bespoke manufactured bar to help cope with the demands of the bumper crowd of 16,500 who turned up at for the Gloucester versus Munster clash in the rugby union Heineken Cup quarter final, helping the home fans drown their sorrows as they lost one of the biggest matches in their recent history.   

One of Rapid Retail’s goals is to improve the “retail experience” for spectators by improving service and cutting queues.  Managing Director Nick Daffern said: “This is our first venture into food and drink, but the principles are the same.  The last thing people want to do, especially when they have paid a lot of money for a ticket, is to spend time waiting to be served.”

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