Why Sports Stadiums & Venues use Pop Up Retail Units

For most sporting occasions, there is a general trend which sees almost 50% of match-day visitors arrive within half an hour of kick-off. Fans, in a heightened state of excitement, are often keen to take away a souvenir of the occasion or purchase a quick drink or snack before they take to their seats. To attend to the needs of this ‘instant crowd’, it is important that stadiums have the right facilities in place, in order for spectators to be served quickly, easily and efficiently, otherwise sales could be lost.

The fans’ experience is often one of long waiting times and cramped conditions. This is particularly the case in club shops, where staff are run off their feet trying to cope with peak demand a few minutes before and after the game, and during the inevitably limited half-time period.

Driving revenue with pop up retail units

More and more sports clubs are now starting to take advantage of the benefits of using pop up retail units. It is a versatile and cost-effective way to boost revenue by increasing the point of sale outlets where fans can buy club merchandise. It also improves the overall experience of spectators by minimising their queuing time.

Rapid Retail’s pop up retail units are specifically designed for this purpose. These bespoke, visible and highly effective portable units help alleviate pressure on busy club shops and catering outlets and offer the fans a better shopping experience. They offer visitors greater access to club merchandise, programmes, food and drink, and present the club with a highly efficient and affordable opportunity to expand and adapt its retail outlets. Well-branded pop-up retail units help clubs boost retail footfall, enhance impulse buying opportunities and can be purchased or hired on a match-by-match rental basis.

Pop Up Retail Units at Stadia

Rapid Retail’s pop up retail units have been installed at many football and rugby clubs in the UK and Europe, as well as other major sporting venues. The units are most frequently used as shops selling merchandise, but they are also increasingly used as bars, catering outlets, or as information, ticket collection and administration offices. In each case, they help to improve the facilities and experience for sports fans at every ground.

Smaller Pop Up Alternatives

In stadium concourse areas where space is often limited, or at smaller clubs where budgets may be more modest, our smaller pop up alternatives are an ideal option. Available from only £30 per home match for a fully branded 1.5 x 1.5m kiosk, clubs are offered a self-funding and affordable way to add retail space, and increase customer turnaround, in any area.

Rapid Retail’s clients include:

Premier League, Championship and lower league football clubs, National and Premiership rugby clubs, European football clubs, National stadiums and sports retail brands such as Adidas, Nike and Reebok.




For further information regarding either style of sports retail unit, please contact us by telephone +44 (0)1386 555044.