Planning event retail with portable shop units

Whether you’re looking to increase revenue, tie in an offline retail experience with an ecommerce site or launch a new business or product, using a portable shop unit at an event can give you the perfect platform to raise brand awareness, drive business back online or test the market.

Here are our top tips for making it a success:

Do your Research

Research the event demographics, get to know who your potential customers are likely to be and prepare an event marketing strategy according to your audience.

Location, Location, Location

When choosing a location, make sure you choose somewhere with high foot traffic. This will save you the headache of trying to drive potential customers to your event locality yourself.

Design and Attract

With so many stalls now found at events, make sure that yours is eye-catching, stands out from the crowd and attracts the attention of passers-by. A bespoke portable shop makes an deal event retail unit and can be made highly visible when fully painted and liveried to reflect a brand image.

Capture the Imagination with Visual Merchandising

An event offers you the chance to experiment with the fit out and visual marketing of your portable shop. Adding some edgy and interesting displays can really help capture the imagination of your visitors.

Create a Buzz through Experiential Marketing

Customer interaction is key: relate to your audience, get people talking and leave a lasting impression. Create a ‘novelty moment’ – something unique, quirky and engaging that will stop passers-by in their tracks and leave them with an experience to share with friends.

PR your brand

Hand out flyers, educate and inform your customers about your products and business, and engage with other event traders and retailers.

Communicate your event story

Make the most of social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, posting plenty of photos throughout the event to engage your followers and get them to talk about you across the social networks.

Product offers

Offer discounts, an exclusive ‘at-this-event-only’ deal or a discount code to be used at your online store.

Prepare for all Weather Conditions

Some events, especially some festivals, are notorious for attracting bad weather! Choosing a portable shop or kiosk as the base for your stand will provide your products, information and team with a facility to be protected from the elements.

Learn from experience

Record feedback, customer comments and staff observations, and work with the data collected to make improvements to your business and products for the future.

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