As we wander into the busiest season of the year for Rapid Retail, we take a look at the primary reasons behind our summer demand.

It may feel like the football season has not long finished from the perspective of a fan, but for the staff behind the squad there are plenty of preparations to be made over the summer in time for the coming 19/20 season – one of which being the merchandising, ticketing, food & beverage outlets across the ground.

Dealing with the vast majority of the Premier League and many more clubs across lower and European leagues, there must be a reason why Rapid Retail is always first choice for these clubs. Let’s take a look at this reasoning from our perspective…

‘Something for everyone’

Rapid Retail offers a variety of solutions for all manner of purposes on match-days. From ticketing and information kiosks to retail shops – there really is a RR solution for every requirement. Utilising multiple solutions offers an entrance-to-exit experience for visiting fans, providing them with an outlet to purchase everything they require for their match-day experience.

Fan experience

With the use of Rapid Retail solutions, enhancing fan experience is easily done by reducing queue times and offering convenient outlets for fans to visit – without going out of their way. Fans are no longer forced to queue for an hour to have a shirt printed, or for a hotdog and a beer. Proper positioning of our solutions in high-footfall areas offers fans the opportunity for impulse-buys – without being put off by queue times.

Boosting revenue opportunity

Utilising RR solutions in high-footfall areas undoubtably increases match-day revenue significantly, providing outlets in previously unused space and covering areas that many fans and visitors will walk by multiple times on a match-day. The numbers don’t lie; once clubs begin to utilise the expertise of Rapid Retail, they continue to do so for many years to come. We are proud to be the sole provider of merchandising, ticketing and F&B solutions for the Premier League.

Turnkey solution

Rapid Retail offers a full turnkey service, from design to delivery; you can leave the work to us! We offer a full design service, producing mock-up designs of your solutions in club colours and branding to get a feel for the look of the product before production. We work with you every step of the way to ensure everything is as specified to suit your requirements. Our delivery service removes all the hassle from dispatch and installation, as our team will be on-site to provide support during initial set-up.

What more could you ask for? Our solutions are tailored to suit you. We walk you through the process to ensure that it’s a breeze for the client and suits their requirements to their exact specification.

If you’d like to find out more about our turnkey service for stadia, contact us on +44 (0)1386 555044 or email – we’d be delighted to take your enquiry.