One of our flagship products, our Mobile Merchandising Unit or ‘MMU’ has become increasingly popular over the years, in a variety of sectors.

It’s not just the sports clubs that benefit from a portable merchandising solution such as our wardrobe-style MMU – as proven by our clients at Great North Children’s Hospital, Paddington Station and many more. This product is particularly versatile in terms of where it can be utilised.

Lightweight and easy to set up, the MMU can be positioned almost anywhere, without the need to redecorate. The heavy-duty castors with brakes allow for safe and easy transport from storage to the front lines. Once open, the MMU offers double the merchandising space that its skeleton would portray, with slat wall panels fitted to the inside of both doors and the back wall. Utilising different fittings allows for the display to be customised to suit your shopfront look – whether its shelving, hooks or hangars, a smart and functional feel is always well portrayed.

Maximising retail offering is always high on the list for clubs/venues/organisations looking to enhance revenue capacity. The ability to position and reposition our MMUs with ease, indoors and out, provides the perfect solution for many requirements.

But, is it secure? Constructed entirely of steel, with lockable front doors; we’d like to say ‘yes, its secure’. We are yet to conduct a case study in which one is breached; however, it is certainly on the list for the future!

The lockable front doors also allow for storage of goods/merchandise when the unit is not in use, making it even simpler to roll out, open up and set up shop – with merchandise already stocked. The use of branding creates an eye-catching advertisement for your products, even when the unit is closed. Custom graphics can be used to really reflect the brand and enhance the look of any basic retail space.

So, what more do you need to know? They’re secure, they look fantastic and they work! Why not see for yourself? Contact us on +44 (0)1386 555044 or email to find out more information about our MMU or any of our varied products.