Rapid Retail’s ticket, information and betting kiosks are the ideal complement to the company’s retail unit range. As flexible, cost-effective and secure venue accommodation solutions, these versatile kiosks help ease pressure on existing facilities, improve visitor turnaround and reduce time spent queuing.

Rapid Retail supplies its kiosks to some of the most iconic and prestigious sports stadiums in the world. But no matter how large or small your club’s capacity, nor your requirements, whether you’re looking for one small kiosk or a whole fleet, the acquisition of a kiosk can be exceptionally beneficial to any venue.

Ticket, Information and Betting Kiosks features:

  • Secure and robust portable building solutions
  • Range of sizes and configurations
  • Customised lay-outs: from integral service hatches, counters and security shutters to ventilation systems, solar panels and additional windows
  • Full livery service for maximum brand impact
  • Comfortable and secure environment for match-day personnel
  • Simple to install
  • Relocatable for maximum customer interaction
  • Easily transportable with a pallet truck

Modular kiosks, strategically placed, provide venue organisers with additional flexible accommodation in areas where facilities are traditionally lacking. By placing ticket collection, information and betting kiosks in several areas around the stadium, thereby spreading the load, crowd bottlenecks are reduced and customer flow increased.

Get in touch with Rapid Retail and find out about our kiosk sales and rental options. Simply complete the contact form or call the sports kiosk specialists on +44 (0)1386 555044.



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