The Rapid Retail team have been hard at work at Anfield, transforming an old unused container into a brand-new merchandising outlet.

Solutions created by RR tend to be a little more than just a ‘container’ or ‘conversion’. Our product has been designed to replicate a retail shop environment, with specific tailoring to create something that is far more than just a ‘container’. It is clear from the moment you step inside that these solutions were created with our client’s requirements in mind.

But that’s not to say that a container cannot be transformed into something much more than what it began life as…

With the experience developed over years of creating the optimal portable retail space, the translation of skill proved no problem for the Rapid Retail team as proven by the finished product. The container was initially insulated, over which the walling panels were fitted. Vinyl flooring was installed and already the progress was noticeable. With electrics, sockets and lighting installed, the walls were fitted with custom slat wall panels and inserts reflecting LFC colours.

With the appropriate club branding fitted, the project was complete, with the container now fit for trading for the new season. With the undeniable success of LFC last season, you can certainly expect the merchandise to fly off the shelves. The club come well equipped this season, sporting a medley of Rapid Retail solutions deployed across the stadium and its surroundings.

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