When your supermarket is forced to close due to unforeseen circumstances, and customers are left without their local shop – who do you call?

Fortunately, there is a team of experts always on hand to assist in these difficult scenarios. At the click of a button, Rapid Retail units are deployed from volcanoes, mountainsides and underground to jet off to their required location and provide the ultimate temporary retail experience.

Well maybe that’s not all true… There’s no volcano. But Rapid Retail’s ‘instant retail’ project is possibly the fastest and most reliable retail disaster response team in the whole of Europe. Meaning, whether you’re a small local franchise or a large supermarket, you’ll never be left without a shop to sell from – no matter the scenario.

You might be asking; how does this affect a large chain supermarket with huge revenue streams? Can’t they just close for a week and let their shoppers go elsewhere?

The fundamental priority for these large supermarkets is to keep their customers happy and keep them away from competitor stores. For instance, if your local store was closed and you decided to visit a competitor store, only to find that the prices of your weekly shop are cheaper – I’m sure you’d be reluctant to return to your former local.

Rapid Retail not only offers your customers a fully branded, functional retail store – we offer a retail experience for consumers that is on par with what you’d find in a small supermarket. Nothing but the best for your loyal customers!

If you’re ever in a sticky situation and need a rapid response, contact us on +44 (0)1386 555044 or email sales@rapidretail.co.uk and ask about our instant retail range. We’ll be ready to push the button.