The demand for DTC brands has seen exponential growth over the past decade due to the ease & convenience of online shopping, in result over the last 8 years there has been a rapid decline in the state of the UK High Streets; “One report, by retail analysts Conlumino, predicts that 31% of UK stores will close by 2020”. However, this problem is not just limited to the UK, research from Rakuten (Japanese electronics commerce) suggests that “45% of global consumers are actively recommending products on social media sites”.

Expert predictions for 2019:

“We are expecting about 10,000 UK shops to close in 2019. The greatest sufferers will be the smaller, independent retailers who have to pay higher rates and wages while not getting as much business”- Professor Joshua Bamfield (Centre for Retail Research).

The outlook for UK stores is seemingly bleak, numerous sources suggest that the UK’s high streets will continually diminish giving way to large online corporates such as Amazon. However, there may just be a light out at the end of the tunnel…

 One thing Ecommerce stores cannot and will not ever be able to provide is the physicality of a product, customers want to touch and feel something before they buy. “Whether it’s running your fingers over fabrics or weighing a coffee mug in your hand, touching a product ensures the future recognition of it”- According to a 2015 study published in Applied Cognitive Psychology.

In a dramatic U-turn, DTC brands are now seeking multiple platforms to sell their products i.e: Online and Physical stores. Former digital brand’s: Glossier & Warby Parker have recently set up a pop-up shops within New York’s Soho neighbourhood. These former digital brands have realised the value of a physical product presented in an own brand popup shop. the fact is, touching and feeling a physical product makes all the difference.

This is where Rapid Retail comes in…

As a leading module unit retail provider, RR offer the solution to the UK’s diminishing high street. With smaller shops bearing the brunt of online shopping, this is our solution to you…

Our Pop-up shops offer a cost-effective avenue to reach a selected target audience, our units are available to buy or rent and are fully customisable. Compared to a bricks and mortar outlet our popup shops present an innovative, personalised, cheap way of selling your products. So if you are a small business & you are finding it hard to compete on the high streets, our units could present the ultimate solution.

The advantages of using Rapid Retail’s modular portable shops include:

  • Creating revenue-generating retail opportunities
  • Providing an affordable way to access flexible and adaptable retail floor space
  • Flexible and low-cost ways to enhance brands
  • Access to a versatile and bespoke product range
  • Boosting impulse buying opportunities
  • Ensuring maximum brand impact
  • Financing opportunities through ‘pay as you play’ rental schemes
  • No initial capital outlay
  • Improving customer turnaround
  • Reducing time spent queuing
  • Connecting with consumers across all venue areas
  • Custom, full-service, design operation
  • Full transport and logistics exercise
  • Boutique personal service

We work with some of the UK’s biggest brands. We are Rapid Retail…

For more information and an informal chat about how our units could help you, call our friendly team on +44 (0)1386 555044 or email us on

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