Accrington Stanley Community Trust unveils new snack kiosk sponsored by Rapid Retail

The transformation of Higham Playing Fields began back in October 2015, where an in-depth feasibility study was undertaken to find the best suitable location to house a new community multi-purpose facility for the people of Accrington.

Higham was deemed the perfect place to begin this project, and so work began to create what was set to be a great addition to the community.

The plans included a brand new, fit-for-purpose, multi-use building to replace the previous building on site. A full-size artificial football pitch aims to drive sports participation throughout the community, alongside three grass pitches that cater to various formats of football and rugby at the highest standard. Additionally, cricket players can take advantage of an ECB approved artificial cricket-wicket, providing a fantastic facility for local cricket leagues and schools.

Before development took place, Martin Fearon, CEO of Accrington Stanley Community Trust, said: “We have been carefully designing the plans over the past few months to ensure we have the best possible facility to present to the Hyndburn community. The Sports Hub plans see a great mix of facilities for all sectors of the general public to enjoy. We believe that grassroots sport needs further investment and we are hoping to play a big part in this by providing this fantastic project for our community.

The sports hub aims to increase participation in sport, improve health and exercise levels and provide more opportunities for disabled people to access vital sport and education activities. The Sports Hub will also host many projects that develop skills for people out of work, create new job opportunities, inspire people to become volunteers for local sports organisations, sports clubs and charities, and provide a pathway for gifted and talented young people into elite sport.

Higham Playing Fields is currently underused and based on the actual figures over the last 12 months, there were only 6424 visits, which averages just 18 visits per day. The new proposals will see the Higham Playing Field’s site safeguarded for sports for many years to come and a vast increase in participation. This will become a facility for our community to be proud of’’.

Rapid Retail are proud to support the Stanley Sports Hub, providing a new snack kiosk to serve refreshments to those utilising the facility. The booth comes fitted with a security shutter to allow for safe storage of stock inside the unit. Aesthetically, the kiosk boasts a display header and features Stanley Sports Hub branding throughout.

Upon receiving the kiosk, Martin Fearon again commented: “We are delighted to partner with Rapid Retail who have kindly agreed to donate a superb kiosk for the new Stanley Sports Hub facility. The new kiosk will offer a range of snacks and hot/cold refreshments at the new facility for users and visitors.

It is great that Rapid Retail are supporting our charity and they can see the benefit of a community facility like this. We look forward to using the new kiosk for many years to come.’’

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