Rapid Retail Units at Football Stadiums

Rapid Retail Units have become a familiar sight at many sports stadiums and venues. From large dedicated shirt printing units to small programme kiosks and stands, the company’s diverse range of retail units – for hire or for sale – are customisable, fully branded and are capable of taking on a variety of utilities.

Over 100 national and international stadiums are using Rapid Retail Units, including many in the top leagues. Nick Daffern, Rapid Retail’s co-founder and MD explains: “We have worked together with clubs since 2007 so we have had plenty of time to develop our products and services to meet the needs of stadium managers. It’s not only revenue that’s at the top of the list, the spectators and fan experience is key too. As is safety. We are not just a supplier that builds and installs a unit, we solve problems and have a relationship with the retail managers as well as those in the marketing, facilities and catering departments. This means the whole branding/retail/queuing/food & beverage need is taken into consideration.”

Having visited our long-standing client Birmingham City FC recently, taking photos of our units in action, we thought we’d take a look at how our units are deployed across the Sky Bet Championship clubs.

Championship Clients for Rapid Retail

Rapid Retail’s clients in the Sky Bet Championship include: Aston Villa, Birmingham City, Brighton, Bristol City, Cardiff City, Derby, Fulham, Huddersfield, Norwich, QPR, Reading, Sheffield Wednesday and Wolves.

At each club, our bespoke steel shop units have a significant role. These large, fully-branded, eye-catching shops, widely deployed as stand-alone stadium stores, allow for enhanced retail space, increased access to clubs’ merchandise across the ground, help ease pressure of busy club shops and reduce spectators’ queuing times. Furthermore, at Fulham and Sheffield Wednesday additional Rapid Retail units have been converted into portable bars and are therefore a hub of social activity on match days. Rapid Retail’s steel units are available in two styles. They can either be opened with a half canopy, our so called ‘walk-up’ unit (see QPR’s shop unit below), or designed with a fully opening front canopy, our ‘walk-in’ unit, as seen at Birmingham City.

Our range of polycarbonate kiosks, which are available in various sizes, are equally popular and extensively used at the clubs. These kiosks are ideal for branding and are utilised in a variety of ways. At Aston Villa, Brighton and Bristol City both single and double kiosks are used as programme booths, whilst for Cardiff City we designed a large kiosk for match day ticket sales and ticket collections. In addition, Cardiff City and Fulham use an extensive range of single kiosks as betting stands around their stadiums, whereas Birmingham City has a prominent information booth right outside its main entrance.

Further units include concourse kiosks at Brighton, retail kiosks at Cardiff City and programme trolleys at Aston Villa and Birmingham City.

Rapid Retail offers a multitude of retail and facility solutions for clubs. The company’s range of units give stadiums, big and small, the opportunity to drive up revenue by increasing customer turnaround. Rapid Retail is working with a number of smaller clubs, where budgets are more modest, and have recently launched its Clubman range: highly flexible portable football club shops at affordable rental costs.



Want to discuss merchandise sale solutions or find out more about our range of portable units and kiosks? Contact us today or give us a call on 01386 555044 to find out how our range of Rapid Retail units can assist your club.

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