Rapid Retail’s Retail Cubes make their debut at Manchester City Football Club

As an international business which designs, manufacturers, supplies and installs high quality portable shops and sports retail kiosks, our designers are continually coming up with new ideas. We are delighted, therefore, that our latest units, the new Retail Cubes, have been successfully taken up by Premier League Club, Manchester City Football Club.

Retail Cubes – Stadium Retail Kiosks with roller shutter frontage

Following an initial trial period at the Etihad Stadium, the modified stadium retail kiosks offering a walk-in sales environment by way of a roller-shutter frontage, have been successfully endorsed by Manchester City and the club’s fans. Each retail cube measures 2.7 x 2.7m, is fully branded in the club’s colours and logos and incorporates bespoke merchandise display shelves. The walk-in units, with their roller shutter facade, allow easy entry into the shop thereby increase the accessibility of the products and merchandise on offer. The units’ exterior walls have been fully utilised with highly effective, eye-catching branding.

Given the size and construction of the cube units, MCFC have opted for an adaptable retail solution, one that allows the club to relocate them effortlessly around the stadium, enabling them to be deployed on both match days and at the many popular non-football events held at the Etihad.

Nick Daffern, Rapid Retail’s Managing Director, said: “We are delighted with the retail cubes’ success at MCFC. The units are an ingenious, but simple, invention of our design team. Rapid’s units have always been intended to take the pressure off busy club shops and increase the accessibility of merchandise throughout stadiums. The retail cubes are successfully fulfilling these objectives. During MCFC home matches, they will be strategically placed around the stadium to capture visitors in all areas of the ground and, when other events are being held at the Etihad, the cubes can be relocated easily to the event’s main entrances and high traffic flow areas to ensure sales are maximised.”



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