Satzuma is a company which designs, manufactures and sources gadgets for retail companies around the world. Recognising the need to run a test marketing campaign for its latest products, Satzuma called upon Rapid Retail to provide a retail kiosk construction for The Gadget Factory at the Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent.

Retail Kiosk Construction Process


By going direct to the consumer in a high traffic shopping environment, Satzuma would be able to watch, test and measure the response to its products and price points.

This project involved a collaboration with the Rapid Retail design team, creating a custom retail kiosk construction to allow for both product demonstration and consumer participation areas, whilst illuminating the range of gadget products on display.


Our technical design team set about creating full-spec drawings of a 5.85m x 1.8m retail kiosk, comprising of 0.45m x 0.45m wooden crates. The crates were to be stained in black and orange, replicating the company’s brand colours and constructed of solid fronts and open backs to allow for under-counter storage.

The units were also designed with Bluewater’s safety regulations in mind. Whilst all materials used needed to be fire rated products, the crates were to be secured together on location, rather than mounted on castors. This revised retail kiosk construction meant that each crate would be easy to handle at both the installation and breakdown stages, and could easily be moved or relocated when needed.

The Rapid Retail solution included: initial drawings based on the client’s brief, prototyping, custom design manufacture, logo stenciling, light box illumination and on-site construction and installation.


The result was a highly effective, customised retail kiosk construction, with an oil drum display unit, a fixed roller counter unit and individual work top display crates. Contemporary LED lightboxes, together with enhanced logo stenciling, ensured maximum brand exposure.

With our unique approach, tailor-made solutions and bespoke manufacturing skills, we helped Satzuma’s Gadget Factory launch a highly successful test marketing campaign at the Bluewater Shopping Centre.


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