RMU for Warner Bros.


Warner Bros. Pictures Inc. called upon Rapid Retail to provide a RMU unit for Toys R Us to support the international retailer with the promotion of the new Batman film in different high traffic shopping mall locations in Paris for a three month promotional period.

Warner Bros’ RMU


A new challenge for Warner Bros and Toys R Us, whose shops are normally seen in out of town retail parks, this project required a solution which not only ensured maximum publicity for the new film and its associated merchandise, using a large, freestanding retail display unit, but also necessitated a counter area with secure built-in drawers and cabinets to store valuable items. In addition, the unit needed to complement the impressive accompanying Batmobile showcase.

The RMU units we manufacturer, used as retail merchandise units at many sports arenas and stadiums across Europe, meant that Rapid Retail was the perfect partner for Warner Bros, who needed a fast turnaround time and secure overseas delivery.


Using our innovative design team, we proposed a four meter steel RMU unit with lockable folding doors, integral display systems, a separate counter element and built in castors on both units.

Technical drawings and visual drawings were produced and sent to Warner Bros’ for approval.


Once the designs had been approved and the RMU fabrication process was complete, Rapid Retail embarked on creating a bespoke and striking exterior finish, one that would ensure maximum brand exposure for both Toys R Us and the film’s merchandise. The result was a dynamic and highly individual retail display unit.

The eye-catching retail unit, together with Warner Bros’ replica Batmobile exhibit, was a great success. The unit was seen in shopping malls across Paris, in various locations, for the three month promotional tour of the film.



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