As specialists and experienced suppliers of portable shops, kiosks and merchandising solutions; Rapid Retail is continually developing its range of products to meet the requirements of a variety of consumers looking to maximise their retail offering. Our concourse range boasts three standard styles of retail merchandising unit (RMU): Programme trolleys, wardrobe units & small concourse units. Our RMUs are specifically designed to provide a highly effective mobile sales solution in any location. These units are perfect for clients looking to create a cost-effective, versatile & highly visible retail space. RMUs are easy to transport and quick to set-up, allow the user to trade in high traffic areas easily & efficiently. Just like all of our modular units, RMUs are fully customisable & can be extensively branded and liveried – a crucial requirement for any retail business looking to increase sales & brand awareness.


Our programme trolleys offer a cost effective, stylish & convenient way to sell smaller items like programmes, tickets and brochures. These units can be deployed almost anywhere & can transform previously unused space into revenue maximising opportunities. Fully customizable, our programme trolleys are truly flexible in terms of usage.


  • Size approx. 900mm x 600mm x 2100mm
  • Steel Construction
  • Heavy Duty Castors with Brakes
  • 360-degree Customisable Front Header
  • Custom Paintwork & Graphics

Krispy Kreme

Northern Trainline

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Our wardrobe-style units are highly versatile and offer a point of sales in any location – indoors or out. Fitted with high-quality castors with brakes, these solutions can be deployed with ease in almost any location. The doors open up to offer 3 internal sections fitted with slatwall ready for displaying merchandise of all kinds. These units are ideal for showcasing & selling merchandise without the need for a physical shop. Our wardrobe units offer an extremely cost-effective sales solution for brands looking to take advantage of previously unused high-footfall space.


  • Size approx. 2000mm x 6000mm x 1700mm
  • Steel Construction
  • Fold-out Lockable Front Doors
  • Heavy Duty Casters with Brakes
  • Internal Slat Wall
  • Custom Paintwork & Graphics

FC Basel

FC Barcelona

VfB Stuttgart

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New to the RMU range, small concourse units present another mobile merchandising solution. These units are equally effective as their larger counterpart – without the doors, offering a more compact solution. Small concourse units encompass security, the custom-made roller shutters presented at the front is specifically designed with theft prevention in mind. These units are uniquely stylish & eye-catching to any potential customer.


  • Size approx. 1500mm x 600mm x 2200mm
  • Steel Construction
  • Fold-up Display Header
  • Lockable Roller Shutter
  • Heavy Duty Castors
  • Internal Slat Wall
  • Custom Paintwork & Vinyl Graphics

Manchester Arena

Stade Français

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  • Test the waters – RMUs provide a cost-effective solution for merchandising in any location until you are ready to invest in a larger retail experience.
  • Affordable rental – No initial capital investment necessary, we provide uniquely tailored rental plans for all of our solutions.
  • Increased sales revenue – RMUs have proven to increase impulse buys & brand awareness, with mobility being their most advantageous offering. These units can be deployed on an ad-hock basis and stored away easily when not in use.
  • Mobility – Being fitted with heavy duty castors with brakes enables these solutions to be wheeled out and deployed on an ad-hock basis and stored away easily when not in use – without the need to remove any merchandise.
  • Custom aesthetics – Our mobile merchandising units can be customised to your liking using paintwork and vinyl graphics to create an eye catching solution that reflects your brand.

Are you looking to maximise revenue & increase your retail footprint? Contact us below to discuss your requirements.

Rapid Retail’s modular solutions, services and logistics expertise make us the supplier of choice for many venues and retailers across the UK and Europe. If you are looking to maximise your retail offering with Rapid Retail, we are here to help and delighted to take your enquiry. For more information on how we can assist you, please contact us on +44 (0) 1386 555044, or



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