As well as portable shop or kiosk rental, you can also take advantage of Rapid Retail’s professional retail services, event management expertise and merchandising support.

Graphics and livery design

Rapid Retail offers a complete graphics and livery design service for all its retail merchandising units and kiosks. Simply provide your brand guidelines, logos and artwork, and the Rapid Retail graphics’ team will prepare the branded art work for your merchandising unit.

Transport and logistics

The logistics of attending events and making sure everything you need is in the right place at the right time is challenging at best. Things like transport delays or losing goods in transit could spell disaster.

Rapid Retail’s team has years of logistics experience, transporting modular units, equipment and merchandise to venues across the world. The company’s logistics team will take care of every detail for you, making sure your deadlines are met and everything is in place – on time – every time.

Sales and promotional staff

Skilled staff are essential to the success of any event. Rapid Retail’s team of experienced sales and promotional staff are at your disposal to represent your brand at events in both the UK and overseas. Why worry about recruiting, training and managing staff when Rapid Retail will do it for you?

Merchandise and programme sales management

Rapid Retail can take care of every aspect of your merchandising operation, including transport, shipping and the management of all your programme sales and distribution.

Event management and co-ordination

Successful events need careful management. Nothing can be left to chance. With years of experience of managing corporate events, the Rapid Retail team are on hand to co-ordinate every aspect of your event – from inception planning to post-event de-briefing.

International event support

All event services are available in both the UK and overseas. International event management is a specialist field and needs the level of expertise that Rapid Retail has in spades. Send an email or call Rapid Retail today on +44 (0)1386 555044 for a no-obligation discussion on how you can lighten your event management load.