…But don’t be scared! It’s nothing to be afraid of.

With many huge projects ongoing at Rapid Retail it takes something big to really make the headlines. And this one just so happens to be big. Very big.

And we don’t just mean in terms of size. Our client is well known throughout Europe for providing tasty treats and refreshing beverages to the masses week-in week-out. Now they look to extend their reach even further by utilizing the specialist experience of Rapid Retail.

The first in a long list of locations chosen to play host to these spectacular units will be in scenic Wales, inevitably followed by a series of other locations across the UK including service stations; shopping centres etc. It’s only a matter of time before these units will be as common as any high street shop.

Coming in at a whopping 12.5m x 6.5m this is the largest Rapid Retail unit produced to date. An impressive feat for both RR and the client. The unit will be kitted out with all the essentials required for producing hot food and drinks, ready for the waves of customers swarming the store. The exterior will be branded accordingly with the client’s signature logos and colours, instantly recognizable to almost any member of the general public.

Can you tell what it is yet?

Our client has established itself as one of the UK’s fastest growing and most recognizable in it’s sector, with an expanding portfolio of over 5000 sites located throughout Europe. They are currently in the midst of several huge projects besides this one and are looking to develop and grow further than they could have possibly imagined when the business was founded in 2001.

With several major brands as partners it surely is a fantastic prospect for RR to produce more and more of these units throughout the UK and Europe. For now we contain our excitement in the name of secrecy – and for those reading – watch this space.