A Cost-Effective Portable Retail Solution for any Club

When clubs are looking for a flexible retail solution, one that enables them to experiment with retail locations, the use of stadium kiosk shops is often the ideal solution. As cost-effective units, kiosk shops allow clubs to add facilities in high footfall areas and engage with fans.

For up-and-coming clubs through to household names, these semi-permanent concessions are a smart solution.

But how can clubs maximise the success of these spaces? What are the secrets to successful stadium kiosk shops?

As clubs evolve, it is important that clubs’ facilities can accommodate their supporters’ needs. In doing so they can boost their revenue, which is the case for smaller clubs as well as those at the top level. In fact, those lower down the leagues would do well to look to their Premier League and Premiership contemporaries – as well as to sports clubs across the Channel – to gain new ideas in order to improve their fans’ match-day experience.

The use of stadium kiosk shops at Leicester Tigers

Using rugby as an example, Leicester Tigers have worked hard to make the best use of their ground, Welford Road. They have shown that making more facilities available does not necessarily mean a huge initial investment. Extensive use of stadium kiosks throughout means that there are numerous merchandise shops, ticket offices and catering outlets at the club. This not only gives their fans a wider choice, it also allows the club to ensure that supporters are evenly spread around the ground, thereby reducing queues and minimising overcrowding. Premier League football clubs, including Manchester City FC, Manchester United FC and Arsenal FC, utilise stadium kiosk shops in a similar way.

The allure for fans at Leicester is further demonstrated by the fact that while one bar opens three hours before kick-off, the others commence an hour later. The extended opening times have given those supporters who wish to be at the ground for longer, the chance to enjoy a full day out – similar to those enjoyed by fans of football teams in the US.

The Benefits for Smaller Clubs

Although smaller clubs do not have the same luxury of space available as bigger clubs, kiosks can be used around the ground for many different utilities; from merchandise, ticket and programme sales to offices, press areas and bars. Even the smallest grounds can make better use of available space.  It only takes someone to walk around the ground before a match to see where the bottlenecks are. Identifying these areas is the first step towards minimizing congestion, creating revenue enhancing opportunities and improving health and safety.

What are Stadium Kiosk Shops?

Stadium kiosk shops are prefabricated units which can be assembled in a few hours. Lead times can be anything from a week to eight weeks, depending on the style of unit deployed. With rentals starting from as little as £30 per week for a programme kiosk, costs are within most budgets. Ideal for clubs to add value and increase revenue without having to find significant capital upfront.


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