With the second city derby just a few days away, Birmingham City invest in another RR kiosk to join the rest at St. Andrew’s.

Being fairly local, Rapid Retail have always catered for the merchandising needs of the Blues over the years. Be it walk-in shops or information points, RR has it covered.

With the addition of this particular unit, they look to offer an extra ticket collection point for fans and visitors of the stadium to buy and collect tickets prior to the game. But what effect does this have on the fans?

Well, to begin with, these units look spectacular. With a striking blue billboard header this ones definitely hard to miss. The units compliment the stadium, almost doubling as decor.

But more importantly, there’s plenty of fans that will be saved a long queue on match day thanks to the these outlets. With turnouts growing for big derbies, clubs must take action to account for these numbers. After all, what is a club without it’s fans?

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