Fleetwood Market undergoes full revamp with the commission of eight modular kiosks

Described as ‘a coastal gem on Lancashire’s lovely coast’, Fleetwood is home to one of the oldest markets in Lancashire.

The roots of this market are firmly steeped in history when market rights were first granted in 1275 but these were first exercised by Sir Peter Hesketh-Fleetwood (founder of Fleetwood town) in 1840. The market remained a constant through many times of change and today, a true shopper’s paradise, you’ll find a variety of stalls including food, clothing and household goods to name but a few – all at great prices.”

As with many traditional marketplaces across the UK, it is not uncommon to find a lack of development in terms of the facilities and ‘hardware’ used to trade from.

Tents and marquees are commonplace among both indoor and outdoor setups, with weather often deciding their fate on a grim Sunday.

The Fleetwood Market project is a great example of investment in a commercial cornerstone of the community, which offers a livelihood to many local traders and serves as a pleasant attraction for tourists and locals alike.

The development of the market will see it become one of modern influence, featuring a series of innovative modular stalls; custom-built to accommodate the varying goods and produce sold by the merchants.

This transformation will enhance the overall shopping experience for visitors while maintaining the traditional market feel of its history. Neutral colour is used to create a uniform finish throughout, with Fleetwood Market branding to be implemented as desired at a later stage.

The rollout features two kiosk types, differing only in terms of access, where one type incorporates a larger personnel entry point to accommodate certain types of products.

The functionality and aesthetic appeal of the stalls will serve as testimony to their turnkey design process. The development of a bespoke product has been managed effortlessly through detailed discussion and planning from both parties.

Custom-built kiosks and portable retail units are growing in popularity among multiple sectors. Many supermarket chains and retail franchises are now looking at partnerships to design, build and manage fleets of these modular solutions.

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