Portable Stadium Fan Stores

A little history

Back in 2007, when Rapid Retail first introduced its portable stadium fan stores at The Etihad Stadium in Manchester and the Oval Cricket Ground in London, a new era of stadium retail was born.

With years of experience in motorsport, Rapid Retail’s founder, Nick Daffern, noticed that while there were ample facilities for hospitality guests at sporting occasions, a lot less consideration was given to the overall experience of regular fans and spectators.

Nick Daffern explains: “People pay a lot of money for tickets and rightly expect a complete experience – one that includes a good seat, somewhere decent to buy food and drink, and a shop where you can truly see what to buy, one that can mirror-images a high street store. We were surprised at how many venues were selling expensive replica shirts, souvenirs and programmes from the back of a truck, on a trestle table or in a tent. This did not make sense from a retailing point of view nor from a potential customer’s.”


The modular shops built for Manchester City Football Club and the Brit Oval, as it was then known, were the first of its kind. Designed with both the venue and the fan in mind, the units were bespoke in design, strongly branded to reinforce each venue’s identity, and strategically positioned at main entrances to attract incoming spectators. They were a huge success. Not only in terms of their brand impact and revenue-maximising benefits, but for the fans too. Taking the weight off the busy match day store, the additional shops minimised queues, eased congestion and gave fans a welcome additional merchandising shop.

Over the years, Rapid Retail’s portable stadium fan stores, updated and modernised in appearance but retaining their unique design and branding properties, have been manufactured for stadiums the world over. The company is now the leading provider of branded modular shop units to European football clubs, including Leicester City, Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Aston Villa, Southampton, PSG, FC Barcelona, AC Milan and Inter Milan, as well as many national stadium venues and other sport sector clients – rugby, horse racing, cycling, cricket, motorsport and tennis to name but a few.

The company has recently introduced a new range of products to expand its retail unit fleet. From sports retail kiosks and programme trolleys to trailer units and RMUs, Rapid Retail offers a range of exceptional retail facility solutions to any sports stadium, arena or venue.

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