Rapid Retail’s provides new ticket office kiosk for London Duck Tours

This summer we will playing our part in London’s ‘amazing amphibious adventure’, having a provided a ticket office kiosk for London Duck Tours. The London Duck Tour is one of the capital’s most unique attractions.

By jumping aboard a London ‘Duck’, an amphibious vehicle used by the allies during the early days of World War II to unload cargo and men from ships where docking facilities had been destroyed or coast lines had been heavily guarded, visitors can experience the thrill of driving from the road straight into the Thames. The tour involves quirky facts from an experienced live guide who brings the exciting journey through London to life. The tour caters for all age groups.

Nick Daffern, Rapid Retail’s Managing Director, said:” We are delighted to be involved in such an exciting venture. Duck Tours are a truly unique way of seeing London. The unit we have provided has been fully branded, just like to Duck Tour vehicles themselves, so people can not miss it!”

Our bespoke solutions, together with our passion and commitment, have seen many famous venues increase their commercialism and customer service. nits, branded with clients’ colours and logos, are used throughout the sporting and entertainment world in a variety of uses, including ticket, merchandise and programme sales, shirt printing, turnstile operation, as bar, food and beverage units and as offices or replica high street shops. The units are safe, secure and fully maintained and through its unique rental option, they offer businesses the opportunity to increase their retail footprint with no initial capital expenditure.