More and more sporting venues are starting to recognise the benefits of pop up shops and mobile kiosks – whether it’s enhancing the experience of fans, making the optimal use of all available space, or increasing revenue. It can be a win-win, and the best bit? They are highly cost-effective; can be applied to a wide range of uses; are available to either rent or buy; and can be fully branded.

So, how are clubs using them?

The top 10 ways sports clubs can use mobile kiosks and portable shops

Portable mobile kiosks and pop up units are incredibly versatile and can be tailored and kitted out to fit any requirement. From adding additional retail space, to easing queuing and adding value to the fan experience, their benefits can be broad reaching.

Here is a list of the top 10 ways sports clubs are using mobile kiosks and portable shops:

1.     Merchandise and Retail

Retail is one of the most popular applications. The more opportunities to see, touch and try out merchandise you can offer to visitors, the more sales you will achieve. These types of units can help take the pressure off existing club shops, will reduce queuing times, alleviate overcrowding and make the whole experience far more pleasant for fans. Available in ‘walk-up-to’ or ‘walk-in-to’ configurations, it’s an easy way to ensure every opportunity to generate revenue is being maximised.

2.     Catering units

From large bar units to small catering units, the interior of a portable kiosk can easily be converted to allow for a whole host of different catering equipment. By increasing a venue’s catering operation, queues are again reduced, relieving the pressure placed on food and beverage operators. This allows them more time to serve better quality food and drink, and delivering strong customer service.

3.     Programme Booths & Information Kiosks

Suitable for all types of clubs and sporting venues, fully branded programme booths are available to rent for a season from under £50 per match day. It’s a self-funding, ‘no-brainer’ retail solution for any club. Smaller kiosks placed at the entrances of stadiums are also ideal as information points and welcome centres. They can provide spectators essential service-points in key locations.

4.     Ticket booths and Ticket Collection Offices

Using portable units to provide additional ticket booths, or ticket collection offices, can help prevent the build-up of long lines. This relieves frustration felt by spectators and improves their whole experience.

5.     Betting Shops

No sporting event is complete without a last minute flutter. What better way to ensure no opportunities are lost than with a dedicated on-site betting kiosk.

6.     Shirt printing

When space is at a premium, a portable unit can be a great way to introduce additional and dedicated space for services such as shirt printing. This can help encourage additional sales by making it easy for supporters to see and access such services

7.    Additional service areas

Using kiosks as dedicated service outlets, such as for player/celebrity signings, can be a great way to isolate and advertise an in-demand service or one-off, added value event.

8.  Temporary Offices

When space is limited and additional administrative offices or media centres may be required, large portable units can create the perfect solution for temporary office space.

9.  Educational zone

If you’re short on interior space but keen to promote community initiatives, family activities or educational style programmes, then a portable unit can provide the answer.

10.  Incident or Emergency Centres

Creating visible and easy-to-access Incident and Emergency centres at large scale events can help ensure the safety and well-being of fans and spectators, while bringing peace of mind for visitors.

Rapid Retail units in action

Sound good? Then take a look at some of our units in action:

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