Kiosks are one of the most versatile and cost-effective products available to football clubs and other sporting venues, whether you wish to enhance your retail offering, reduce queuing, or boost your matchday sales.

What is a kiosk?

A kiosk is basically a small portable structure that features one or more service windows, or a large access hatch. This traditional style of kiosk will usually be placed externally in a high footfall area – such as at entrances, exits, in the car park or beside main walkways.

They will usually be manned by one or more customer service representatives, who stand/sit inside. They can also be fully powered, supporting the use of cash registers and other electrical equipment.

They come in a range of shapes and sizes and can be used for a variety of applications, from ticket collection to programme sales and food and beverages.

Overall, they are a simple, low cost solution for sports grounds wishing to make the most of all available external space, to generate sales and maximise revenue, while improving the experience of visitors.

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Key benefits of using kiosks

  • Low cost
  • Don’t take up much space
  • Great for capturing sales in high footfall areas
  • Help alleviate queuing (encouraging more people to buy)
  • Can be used for a multitude of applications
  • Can be fully branded and look very professional

Buy or rent?

Depending on your individual circumstances, you may prefer to rent or buy.

At Rapid Retail, we offer both options. For more details, please call us on 01386 555044 or email


Top 7 uses of kiosks for sporting venues

What better way to see how sporting venues can best use and benefit from kiosks, than to see some in action! Here, we’ve pulled together a gallery of some of the most popular kiosk applications and the many ways football clubs, rugby clubs, race courses and more are using them.

Programme sales


Information points


Retail & merchandise




Betting & lottery


Snacks & drinks

Other visitor services


What are the alternatives?

Pop up shops

Pop up shops, also known as modular or portable retail units, are generally larger than kiosks and so require more space. However, they offer the same level of flexibility, being suitable for a broad range of applications and offering enhanced retail potential, due to their shape and size.

Larger walk-in units can effectively recreate the high street shopping experience, coming complete with changing rooms and fixtures as required.

Smaller walk-to pop up shops can be equally as effective, providing the perfect place to display a wide selection of merchandise and give visitors a change to see, touch, try and buy.

Common uses of pop up shops within sports grounds include merchandise sales, shirt printing, bar and catering units and experiential/entertainment areas

Wardrobe units

This style of retail unit is perfect for internal walkways. Unlike a kiosk it is an open retail display unit (RDU) that allows visitors to get up close to merchandise. It can then be locked up securely when not in use.

Small retail units

A smaller version of the wardrobe unit, which again provides a space saving way to display merchandise.

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