Could this be the most practical form of pop-up merchandising, for high-attendance events and match-days?

With the installation of a new merchandising trailer at Olympique Marseille followed by the deployment of a rental trailer at PSG for their opener, all eyes are on Rapid Retail’s trailer solutions.

Pop-up solutions in general are all the range when it comes to large-scale events, inside and out of the sporting world. Portable spaces are often used for a variety of purposes – from merchandising to serving food & beverages. But how easy are they to set up, and what costs are involved?

With many Rapid Retail solutions, installation requires HIAB vehicle access to the desired location and a crane is essential for deployment. This, in most cases, isn’t an issue and the process works just fine generally. However, there are situations where this is not the most practical method of deployment or the cost involved is too large, leading to alternatives being considered.

It’s a portable shop… on wheels!

Trailer solutions certainly have their obvious advantages, in that they are moveable without the need for a HIAB vehicle with a crane. This in turn reduces the amount of space required for access and deployment, providing a solution that is more suitable for different tight locations with space at a premium. Not only that, but the cost of deployment is vastly reduced; maximising revenue margins for our clients and justifying the expenditure.

How do they differ from your average Rapid Retail portable shop? Well, there are more similarities than differences. Trailer solutions offer a similar amount of space for goods to be displayed and stored, with a serving area of around the same size as our flagship 6m solution. Display headers and panels are utilised in the same fashion to allow for complete customisation – putting your brand on maximum display.

So, we’ve established the benefits of a trailer solution. Now you’re wondering, where can I find one for my event? Rapid Retail has got you covered. We have a number of trailer solutions readily available on short and long-term rental terms, meaning no capital expenditure required and you only pay when it’s in use! To find out more, contact us on +44 (0)1386 555044 or email