Sports clubs all over the world are creating match-day experiences for their fans in order to boost fan engagement and revenue – but what do they consist of?

A multitude of new things are being trialed in fanzones as a method of bringing fans in earlier pre-game and keeping them around for a while after the final whistle, from games and activations to food and drink. Many clubs with the right budget have been utilizing a combination of these methods for a while – now with the opportunity for minimal capital expenditure, smaller clubs are looking at providing a match-day experience for their fans to enjoy.

One thing we’ve seen in many fanzones across the UK is a large viewing screen for visiting fans to watch club related content, getting them in the spirit for their upcoming game or just providing some entertainment whilst they enjoy a post-match beer. This creates an area in which fans can gather to share an experience – just as they would inside the stadium.

This coupled with activations and games is a great way to enhance the experience for visiting fans. Providing them with things to do that may even cost them anything certainly is a good way to win fans over. Activities and games are a great way to bring in families and keep kids entertained, which is always desirable for parents!

Kiosks are utilized by sports clubs in a variety of ways as part of their fanzone. Mostly used for ticketing and information, kiosks provide the perfect cost-effective solution to have staff positioned across the stadium to assist fans and dish out programmes and tickets.

Having access to good food after a game is surely worth hanging around for. Food and beverage outlets can be dotted around a fanzone to keep fans fed and watered during their visit. As seen at Crystal Palace, these outlets can be customized in order to maintain uniformity throughout the fanzone and using club colours and branding really enhances that.

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Merchandising is always a key factor for clubs seeking to enhance revenue income. If your loyal fans are spending more time around the ground, they’ll find more time to browse the goodies on offer at the various retail outlets. Covering more ground is something we always encourage; as simple as it may be, dotting a few stores across a fanzone will really capture maximum revenue opportunity for the club and minimalize queue times for fans.

Where can you find a turnkey fanzone solution that covers all bases and minimises input required from your club?

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